Comedy Awards

Marathi Cinema and Theatre has had many comedy icons over the years - Dada Kondke, Lakshmikant Berde, Satish Tare, Prashant Damle, Ashok Saraf, P. L. Deshpande who have immortalized comedy in our minds. The advent of Stand-up Comedy has also had a big impact on the treatment of comedy in our movies and theatre. Comedy forms a small part of the nominations categories in every award function be it for theatre or films. There is however, a strong need to fill the gap launching a dedicated Comedy Awards to pay a tribute to the legacy of comedy that we have in the Industry. Taking this thought forward Zee Talkies is announcing THE FIRST EVER.. THE ONE AND ONLY... ZEE TALKIES COMEDY AWARDS!

Jury Panel

Ashok Saraf Steering Committee (Chairman)
Sachin Pilgaonkar Steering Committee
Dilip Prabhavalkar Steering Committee
Bharti Achrekar Jury Member
Purshottam Berde Jury Member
Jyotsna Dass Jury Member
Vijay Kondke Jury Member
Vijay Patkar Jury Member
Kishore Pradhan Jury Member
Nivedita Saraf Jury Member
Vishwas Sohoni Jury Member
Charushila Vachhani Jury Member
Vinay Yedekar Jury Member



  • Sarvotkrushta Chitrapat : Tendulkar Out
  • Sarvokrushta Digdarshak : Swapnaneel Jaykar (Tendulkar Out)
  • Sarvokrushta Lekhan : Ravi Jadhav & Priyadarshan Jadhav (Timepass)
  • Sarvokrushta Abhineta : Prathamesh Parab (Timepass)
  • Sarvokrushta Abhinetri : Nirmitee Sawant (Kumari Gangubai - Non Matric)
  • Sarvotkrushta Sahayyak Abhineta : Pandharinath Kamble (Kumari Gangubai - Non Matric)
  • Sarvotkrushta Sahayyak Abhinetri : Neelam Shirke(Tendulkar Out)


  • Sarvotkrushta Natak : Du & Me
  • Sarvotkrushta Sanhita : Sunil Mane (Vande Mataram - Arthat Ghondhal Mandiyela)
  • Sarvotkrushta Digdarshak : Shrirang Godbole & Vibhavari Deshpande (Du & Me)
  • Sarvotkrushta Abhineta : Pandharinath Kamble (Padadyaaad)
  • Sarvotkrushta Abhinetri : Radhika Ingle (Du & Me)
  • Sarvotkrushta Sahayyak Abhineta : Amit Bendre (Ajab Lagnachi Gajab Goshta)
  • Sarvotkrushta Sahayyak Abhinetri : Snehal Deshmukh (Padadyaaad)


  • Sarvotkrushta Natak : Vyakti Ani Valli
  • Sarvotkrushta Digdarshak : Vijay Kenkre (Gholat ghol)
  • Sarvotkrushta Abhineta : Pushkar Shrotri (Hasva Fasvi)
  • Sarvotkrushta Abhinetri : Vaikhari Bhajan (Hasva Fasvi)

Event Partner

Indian Magic Eye PVT. LTD.