Bluff Master

Bluf Master revolves around three youngsters Niki (Ankur Choudhari), Deepak (Pushkar Shrotri) and Pakya (Desai) who live hand-to-mouth as strugglers while a gentleman roams around with a picture of Niki. The gentleman hires Niki as a model for an art assignment and paints the man in various forms. Niki, who falls in love with Deepak�s crush Sanika (Pandit), faces opposition from Sanika�s loud and obnoxious aunt Maushi (Ambiye). In a bid to win over Maushi, our man decides to play the role of his own aunt Sadaphooli aatya and his own father. What ensues is a comical confusion.


Kishor Sav and Adwait Patwardhan