Shriram (Shriram Lagoo) is happily married to Janaki (Seema Deo). They have a daughter and Shrirams mother (Lata Arun) lives with them. Janardan (Kamalakar) gets angry when Shriram is promoted and plans to kill him. He uses Champa as bait and attacks Shriram. Shriram manages to save himself but Janardan gets killed in accident. Shriram turns fugitive as Champa too dies. Meanwhile, the police inform Janaki that Shriram is dead in an accident. Janaki moves to the city with her daughter and mother in law. In the city, they are helped by a good policeman, Tukaram (Raja Gosavi). The local trader, Dharmapa (Dhumaal) eyes Janaki but she rejects him. Janaki's daughter, Uma (Usha Naik) grows up and falls in love with Tukaram's son, Mahesh, who is a police officer. Dharmapa's son, Madan (Ashok Saraf) is smitten by movies and always thinks of making a film. Uma decides to dance to get money for her grandmother's operation. Ramesh Deo, a businessman, watches her dance and tries to molest her. Uma is saved by none other than her father, Shriram. She thanks him and takes him home where he is recognized by Janaki and his mother. However, Shriram tells them not to let anyone know about him as he is a fugitive. Even Uma is told that Shriram is her father's close friend. Things turn sour when Janaki becomes pregnant and is accused of being a characterless woman. Uma is disgusted by her mother. Will Uma and the others come to know the reality of Shriram? Will the family be united again?


sumati gupte
Dr. Shreeram Lagoo
Seema Deo
Usha naik
Lata arun
nayana apte
shilpa bodake
Madhu Apte
Ashok saraf
raja gosavi
Ramesh Deo
Jayant Savarkar
smita chavan

Vasantrao joglekar

Sumati Gupte