Kaksparsh depicts the tumultuous events in a Chitpavan Brahmin family, set around 1930-1950 in Konkan. Hari Damle (Sachin Khedekar), head of a Chitpavan Bramhin family, lives in Torgaon, one of the villages in Konkan with his wife Tara (Medha Manjrekar) and their three children. Hari wishes to get his younger brother Mahadev (Abhijit Kelkar) married, who is pursuing LL.B in Mumbai. Damle family fixes the marriage, but tragedy strikes when Mahadev dies on the night when his marriage was to be consummated. Hari performs death rituals (?r?ddha) for Mahadev but crows (symbolic of the spirit of deceased in Hinduism) refuse to touch the offerings. Hari, then, mumbles something while offering food which leads to the desired. Brahmin community in the village now expects widowed Uma to have her head shaved but then Hari opposes and does not allow any practiced rituals to be performed for her as a widow, which were performed for his widowed aunt, Namu Aatya (Savita Malpekar). Hari stands behind Uma in all her difficulties which raise doubts about his intentions, including that by his wife, Tara. Years later, when Tara is diagnosed of a terminal disease, the now grown-up Uma (now played by Priya Bapat) takes charge of the household. Hari reveals to Uma that when he was performing death rituals for Mahadev and offerings were not accepted for a long time, he promised Mahadev that he would not let any other man touch Uma. Thus, he did not allow practiced rituals of shaving her head to be performed and also declined Tara's request of their marriage. When he learned that Uma has started loving him, he stopped talking to her, in spite of his love towards her. He eventually accepts that he loves Uma and would marry her, breaking his vow. Hari fetches Mangala sutra but finds out that Uma is dead. He realizes that Uma has sacrificed her life for his love where she did not want Hari to break his vow.


Mahesh Manjrekar