Shree Partner

This movie is a story about a person like us who faces life's troubles all alone and then comes a partner in his life who is a friend, philosopher and guide. It is the story of Kiran and Shree's married life. We see several such couples around us who are together for the sake of it, while their marriage has become stagnant. They live together because they are tied together. Today it is more relevant when we have more friends online then actual. The communication between couples is non-existent in several cases. The director wants to present “Shree-Partner”, which story of live characters, as the story of such dead relations. The director feels people like Partner are always around us in our life trying to help us and our relations. But due to lack of communication and distrust we hardly share things with our Partner. This film will be a medium to explore, to compare and to understand the relations the viewers have with the persons who matter them most.


Padmanabh Bind
Shweta Pagar
Lalan Sarang
Satish Pulekar
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Deepak Kadam
Aakansha Mehandale
Rahul Kulkarni

Sameer Ramesh Surve

Vimal Lohane
Sameer Ramesh Surve