Aaji Aani Naat

Aaji Aani Naat

‘Aaji ani naat’ is an emotional story of a sweet little girl named Akshata (Tejashree Walawalkar) who yearns for her grandparents. Akshata’s parents, Amey (Ashish Kulkarni) and Shama (Prajakta Kelkar), are established doctors but both are orphans. Amey and Shama love Akshata a lot and fulfill all her wishes. Akshata’s only wish which they are not able to fulfill is, having loving grandparents. They both feel sad and helpless about it. One day, Akshata dials random phone numbers. Fortunately, Akshata’s wish is fulfilled and she finds a loving grandmother Sumitra (Sulbha Deshpande) on the telephone. Sumitra is an old lady who lives a lonely life as her son Sumeet (Ashok Shinde) has abandoned her and relocated to America with his family. Sumitra misses her grandchildren Tushar and Chhabu a lot and hence, she instantly connects with Akshata. Sumitra loves Akshata like her own granddaughter Chhabu and Akshata too is very attached to her. She talks to Sumitra daily after school. Akshata tells her parents about her loving grandmother, Sumitra, and expresses her desire to meet her. Akshata then informs Sumitra that she will be coming to her village along with her parents. Sumitra is excited to meet Akshata and goes out to buy some gifts for her. However, destiny has a different plan and when Akshata comes to meet Sumitra along with Amey and Shama, she finds her door locked. Akshata is dejected. 
Will destiny ever unite Sumitra and Akshata and fill the void in the lives?


Ashish Kulkarni
Sulabha Deshpande
Tejashree Walavalkar

Subhash Phadake

Ankush More