Arre ... Devaa!

Arre ... Devaa!

Tukaram Nikam (Makarand Anaspure), is an honest & naive man, who lives with his family in a small village. The village chief appoints Tukaram as the town's social worker so that he can carry on with his illegal activities.[2]

Despite being good natured, the villagers do not think kindly of him as he is associated with the evil chief. As a result Tukaram becomes unhappy thinks the world is treating him unfairly. Personally too, he has no peace of mind as his wife always nags him. He is discontent with almost everything in life despite his honesty. However, his strong belief in Lord Pandurang helps him make it through the day as he worships the Lord day in and day out. One day, he receives a letter which says “Come and Meet me”.

Following the directions he goes to meet the sender of the letter who happens to be Lord Pandurang (Arun Nalawade) and he is given all the powers of God. A happy man now, Tukaram vows to work for the betterment of the village much to the annoyance of the chief.


Jaykar Nayar
Kuldip Pawar
Surekha Kudachi

Hemant Deokar

Manohar Randive

Music Director: Avinash-Vishwajit