‘Dhadakebaaz’ is the first Marathi movie in cinemascope. Lakshya (Laxmikant Berde), Mahesh Nemade (Mahesh Kothare) and Bappa Bajrangi (Deepak Shirke) are three close friends who are petty criminals. After serving the jail term, Mahesh decides to follow the path of honesty and friends agree to follow him. Their path leads to a village called Shivapur. Lakshya meets Ganga (Prajakta) a flower selling girl and falls in love with her. However, Lakshya gets in trouble with Constable Rede (Ravindra Berde) and lands in jail again. There he manages to prevent the goons of the notorious dacoit, Kavtya Mahakaal, from escaping. Uma Jadhav ( Ashwini Bhave) who is the Police Inspector of the police station is impressed by Mahesh who comes there to free Lakshya. Ganga offers a place to stay for Lakshya, Mahesh and Bappa. Kavtya Mahakkal, the notorious dacoit who wears a skull mask always, decides to teach Lakshya a lesson for catching his men. His goons chase Ganga and Lakshya to the ruins in the outskirts of the village. Lakshya tumbles into a secret passage in the ruins and finds a copper bottle. It is revealed that there is a person named Gangaram (Laxmikant Berde)trapped in the bottle. Gangaram tells Lakshya that he is his ancestor and was trapped inside the bottle by his master, a powerful magician. He says that he has magic sand which he will use to help Lakshya and hence,attain his freedom. What follows is a journey full of magic and fun. Will Gangaram help Lakshya, Mahesh and Bappa defeat Kavtya and attain freedom?


Laxmikant Berde
Deepak Shirke



Singer: Usha Mangeshkar, Suresh Wadkar, Jyotsna Hardikar, Sudesh Bhosle, Uttara Kelkar, Vinay Mandake, Anupama Deshpande

Lyricist: Pravin Davne

Music Director: Anil Mohile