Hari Om Vitthala

Hari Om Vitthala

Ganya is naive, innocent, and a staunch devotee of Lord Vithal, much to the resentment of his mother and his wife Ratna. Caught in the web of life, Ganya pleads to Lord Vithala for a solution to all his problems and surprisingly the Lord replies back. The elated Ganya goes around telling the whole village that the Lord has spoken to him. Everyone assumes that Ganya has lost his sanity, except the village money lender who asserts Ganya’s claim, and in the bargain usurps all his ancestral land. Unable to bear the constant rebuking by his family he attempts to commit suicide, but he is saved by a herdsman who incidentally is also a devotee of Lord Vithala. He consoles Ganya and gives him some money to go to Bombay. Amidst a lot of hardships in Bombay, help arrives in the form of BAPU a “vada” vendor. Armed with the prize money of Rs.5 lacs that he won in a singing competition, he returns to the village to stumble upon a shocking revelation. It seems while Ganya was in Bombay, another Ganya, a look alike was residing with his second wife RAMA. This smart, wise and intelligent Ganya not only took care of things, but also recovered the lost ancestral land. Harassed by the constant quarrels between the two wives, Ganya goes to leave Rama at her mother’s house, when the alternate Ganya arrives from Bombay. If the real Ganya was in Bombay, who is the other Ganya?

Drama, Comedy

Makrand Anaspure
Jayant Savarkar
Amita Khopkar
Ravi Patwardhan

Saad Dalvi

Saad Dalvi

Music Director: Abhijit Joshi