One Room Kitchen

One Room Kitchen

The story primarily revolves around a young couple, Ravi and Suman. Happy in their world in the chawl, their life takes a turn when Suman meets her old friend Neha, and happens to see her apartment. Thus begins their struggle to obtain an apartment of their own.

The chawl itself contains a host of highly endearing characters, one more interesting than the other. So there is the smart, enterprising youth who works in a garage, the henpecked, out-of-work man with a terrifying wife and a dubious bottle of cough syrup, and the gossip-loving old couple who have been abandoned by their son.


Bhargavi Chirmule
Kishori Godbole
Rajesh Shringarpore
Ashalata Wabgaonkar
Viju Khote
Vijay Chauhan
Kishori Ambiye
Sanjay Mohite
Mihir Wani
Vaishnavi Patil
Avni Chitale
Dr Shreeram Lagoo

Mahesh Tilekar

Purushottam Agarwal

Lyricist: Mahesh Tilekar

Music Director: Ashok Patki