Por Bazaar

Por Bazaar

Por Bazaar is the story of five youngsters who would rather bunk college and have fun than sit for boring lectures. On one of their hangouts, they encounter a house, which is seemingly occupied by some strange people. Intrigued, they start investigating, only to find that innocent children have been trapped inside the house So they must now sneak into the house to rescue the kids before it's too late.

Chitra Navathe
Swanand Kirkire
Kamlakar Nadkarni
Prajakta Dighe
Shantanu Gangane
Sakheel Parchure
Swarangi Marathe
Satya Manjrekar
Dharma Joshi
Mrunal Pantavaidya


Ashwini Ranjit Darekar

Music Director: Shailendra Barve