'Taani' is a story of girl who strives to achieve her goal despite all hardships. Taani (Ketaki Mategaonkar) belongs to a poor family and lives in a shanty in Nagpur city with her parents and two siblings. Her father Shankar Patil (Arun Nalawade) works as a cycle-rickshaw puller while her mother Girija (Vatsala Polkamwar) works as a maid servant. Taani has keen interest in studies but Shankar cannot afford the school fees. Taani doesn't give up and stands outside the classroom to learn what is being taught. Principal Tamhane (Vilas Ujawane) sees Taani's dedication and admits her in the school. Taani studies hard and passes in her inter examination. Taani has to face a lot of criticism and has no money to go to college, but still she is determined to become an IAS officer. She completes her studies as an external student. Shankar and Girija are extremely proud of Taani and aim to see her as an IAS officer. For this, they work very hard and don't even bother about their health. With Principal Tamhane's tremendous support, Shankar and Girija's hard work and blessings, and her determination, Taani becomes an IAS officer and sets an example for others.


Arun Nalavade

Sanjiv Kolte

Ajay Thakur
Vanadana Patke Thakur