Uladhaal is a thrilling-adventure comedy about the journey of a Dhaal (Shield) created in 1758 by a Great Maratha King. The Dhaal was created to honor the sacrifice of a warrior named Somajirao who took the blow of a spear heading towards the king during battle and thus saved the king’s life. As he guarded the king from the enemy spear as a Dhaal would, the king, as a gesture of appreciation presented a Dhaal made of gold and precious stones to his wife and his son. 

This Precious Dhaal is safeguarded by the family of Sayajirao and the generations that follow from the attacks of the Mughal to the British who have tried to take it away from Somajirao’s family due to its immense value. In September 2008 in the Ganapati festival, the Dhaal shall complete 250 years and a grand event is planned at Sayajirao’s wada in a village near Kolhapur. Sayajirao is the great-great grandson of Somajirao and an individual looked upon and respected like a king in the village he lives in.While the Dhaal is being transported from the museum in Mumbai to Sayajirao’s wada, it is stolen from the armored truck by Sayajirao’s three men along with their leader, Guru, a skilled thief from Mumbai. It was an ingenious enough plan, but Guru decides to keep the Dhaal for himself and shoots his three partners. The Dhaal travels to Goa where Guru has planned to leave the country to sell the valuable Dhaal in the international market.

What is to follow in Goa is an adventure in itself where things get complicated when the Dhaal is snatched from Guru by four small time crooks cum conmen named Vicky, Babu, Preeti and Neha hired by Baban, one of the three men shot by Guru, who was miraculously saved. A fistful of motley characters enter the story, including Tony, a billionaire club owner with ‘Gillu-Billu’ as Tony’s two henchmen. ‘Satya’ an importer who is suppose to transport Guru by ship to foreign lands. ‘Sikandar’ an antique dealer from Goa who deals in the black markets and the Police that tries to figure out the mess that is being created. Things get complicated when Sayajirao enters Goa investigating the Dhaal’s whereabouts and is on a mission to take back the Dhaal to his native village. Numerous Situations blend into one with a chain reaction of events carrying on for each and every character and creating a series of hilarious and exciting moments in the thrilling journey of the Dhaal.

Action, Drama

Lokesh Gupte
Madhura Velankar

Aditya Sarpotdar

Mrs. Vijayanti Vishwas Sarpotdar

Singer: Ajay, Kunal Ganjawala, Earl D'souza, Neesha

Lyricist: Ajay-Atul, Jagdish Khebudkar, Shreerang Godbole